Adjust the hardness of a mattress with a topper

A mattress topper is a pad that is placed on the existing mattress. This not only corrects the degree of hardness of a mattress (it is only possible to soften a hard mattress!). A topper also increases the mattress area by a few inches and protects the mattress. This only works on condition that the topper is compatible with the mattress. Only in this way can a good climate balance be ensured so that the moisture released overnight can evaporate.

It is not possible to make a mattress harder with a topper. The right topper will instead achieve the opposite. It has the task to increase the comfort and pressure relief of all body zones and is suitable for those who like it softer. This is done by its inner life, which is divided into different ergonomic areas that have a supporting function or allow easy subsidence. In this way, the degree of hardness can be corrected and somewhat mitigated.

Why test sleeping makes sense

The purchase of a mattress is a purchase for the next few years because it is in use for an average of ten years. This is a long time, especially if you have decided on the wrong mattress. For that reason alone, it is important to inform yourself in advance and to weigh up which degree of hardness and which mattress really fit in the long term. You may have opted for a mattress, but you are not really sure if the degree of hardness meets your personal needs. This is not a problem.

What is the relationship between the degree of hardness and the slatted frame?

Not only has the hardness of a mattress ensured optimal comfort. This also applies to the slatted frame when it is adjustable. For this, he must be equipped with sliders. By moving the sliders, you can test and regulate the individual degree of hardness and adjust it to your individual needs.

A high-quality slatted frame is subdivided into different ergonomic areas and reinforced at the places that have to bear the brunt. These are regularly the middle parts of the body, which prevents a deeper sinking in so that the spine is not kinked.

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